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In the next few minutes you are going to learn how I can take you from a complete
‘wet behind the ears’ struggling newbie to a successful affiliate business.
If you want to... Earn at least $1,500-2,000 per week consistently
Work just 2-3 hours per day
Finally stop buying one shiny object after another ... then this is for you.
Have You Ever Suffered From One Or More Of The Following
When Trying To Establish Your Affiliate Business?
  •  You worry about picking affiliate products to promote, as the wrong ones may lose you money
  • ​ You’re sick of paying through the nose for traffic that doesn’t convert
  • ​You feel confused and overwhelmed with information overload
  • ​You buy one shiny product after another, never getting the full picture
  • ​You feel alone whenever you hit a roadblock, because you have no one to talk to or ask questions
If you said yes to one or more of the above, then you are not alone.
Over 95% of People Who Try to Make Money As An Affiliate Fail
Why? Is it because the super affiliates have some sort of magic touch? Are they more intelligent?

NO! Trust me, they are as normal and fallible as you are.

The ONLY difference between you and them is that they have found a way to cut out overwhelm and confusion, stick to a plan that works, and surround themselves with like-minded people, so they always have someone to ask for advice.

Please don’t make the mistake of thinking that you’re not smart enough, or well ‘connected’ enough to make the kind of money you dream of online. 
It’s not about being intelligent, or being ‘on the inside’ –
It’s about becoming laser focused in what works, taking consistent action, and having a great support network
My name is Ivana Bosnjak, and I know exactly how it feels for you right now (I mean it).
Back in 2007, I started my online journey. I also used to believe that I just didn’t have what it takes to be a successful affiliate marketer.

Like you, I’ve tried pretty much everything. I bought various shiny objects, wasted my money, and I’ve even been scammed by some people.

I became a single mother in 2010 after my divorce, and that put me under even more stress financially.

Now I was completely responsible for 2 young children who were dependent on me for everything.

The time came to focus. And this time I did, with laser precision. I refused to allow myself to be distracted with shiny new objects, information overload and procrastination.

Sometimes I would do quite well. Every now and then, I would manage to pick a great affiliate product and I would see results.

But then the familiar problems would kick in. I’d hit a stumbling block, I’d become confused and overwhelmed, I’d have no one to talk to, I’d feel like a failure...

I was only until I met my future business partners, Alicia, Lorette and Mitali… 
I Finally Stumbled Over A Niche Of Affiliate Products
That ALWAYS Bring In A Ton Of Commissions…
And I Found A Way to Get Consistent,
Buying Traffic, 100% of The Time
OK OK, this is hardly ‘guru earnings.’ I don’t own a flashy car, or have a catamaran moored at a nearby marina.

But what I do now have is the ability to provide for my children AND spend precious quality time with them…….and that is worth more to me than having an expensive sports car. 

The affiliate commissions kept coming in, week after week, month after month… 

I had finally broken out of the ‘feast and famine’ cycle of affiliate marketing, and was making a consistent $1,500-2000 per week, EVERY week.

Alicia, Lorrette, Mitali and I have now created a highly profitable partnership called SociMasters…and yet

I am able to create my own hours, be my own boss, and be there for every event my kids need me at……. I LOVE IT!

I’ve met so many mothers (and fathers) who agonize over whether they are being the best parents they can be.

The ones that work long and hard worry that they are replacing quality time and cherished childhood memories for a great education and gifts. The ones who work part time, or don’t work at all, worry that they aren’t giving their children the best possible start in life.

Whether you have kids or not, you can relate to this. We all want money, but that doesn’t mean we want to spend every waking hour glued to a laptop, neglecting our family, friends and hobbies. 
Can You Relate To This?
  •  You feel bombarded with eBooks, videos, emails, courses etc., all waiting to be consumed
  •  You’re tired of being let down by different courses and products that provide you with just enough ‘nuggets’ to start affiliate marketing, but fail to help you when you hit a roadblock...which leads you to buying ever more shiny new objects 
  •  You feel overwhelmed and crippled with failure as soon as you hit a stumbling block because you have no one to turn to for support and advice
  •  You are worried about your lack of technical and marketing skills, and feel you need to do more ‘research’ (which leads to no action taking)
  •  You fear you’ll never get out of the rat race, and you’ll be living from paycheck to paycheck until retirement 
  •  You feel crushed when you have to say ‘no’ to a loved one whenever they need something you can’t afford
  •  You secretly feel like a failure because it feels like everybody online has a success story to tell
I know because I felt exactly like this.
Only after I discovered this secret niche of affiliate products to promote, and followed a simple
strategy that generated me consistent traffic, did I start to make real money online.
However, please remember, despite now owning a hugely successful 6 figure business, and being seen as an authority on internet marketing, I'm absolutely no different than you.

I'm just someone who was persistent and focused enough to make my business a success.

That being said... I really don’t want you to have to go through the frustration, hours of staring at a laptop and, of course, the feelings of failure like I did.

I get messages daily from struggling marketers asking me for help.

I’m simply unable to help everyone individually, and for one on one coaching, I charge $1997-4997 per month.... something I know most people can’t afford.

SO, I had a long think and I’ve come with a perfect solution...
I Can Record My Every Move So YOU Can Just Copy & Paste What Works
I wish to invite you in to my elite membership club where I show you exactly how I make 4 figures a week, the exact products I promote, the exact traffic sources I use… EVERYTHING I do, so you can simply copy me and duplicate my success.
This Membership Club is a fast track ‘newbie to super-affiliate’ academy, where I will personally show you how to build a 6 figure affiliate business from scratch.

You will get access to everything I do, from my methods on list building, how to pick converting affiliate offers, to traffic streams, authority building... everything that I use to pull in $1500-2000 every week consistently…

I’ll even give you complete done-for-you affiliate campaigns, the landing pages, funnels, email swipes etc. so you don’t need to design or write a thing.
Join The SociMasters Affiliate Mastery Membership Club And Never Feel Confused Again. I Will Show You The Products, Tactics And Strategies That Make Me $1,500 - $2,000 Every Single Week
Whether you’re a complete newbie, or have tasted some success online, this is essential.
Stop Slaving At Your Desk Starting To Figure It All Out, 
Implement EXACTLY What Brings Results In My Affiliate Business, And Turn Yourself Into 6 Figure ‘Super Affiliate’
Imagine having a complete step-by-step case study that shows you exactly how I made $2,953.83 in just 4 days, completely cutting out confusion and information overload.
Imagine getting further case studies showing you exactly how I’m making 4 figures a week – just copy and paste to get the same results as me.
Imagine just having ONE portal where you can get access to everything you need to know and stay on top of the fast-paced affiliate marketing world.
Imagine not spending hours and hours researching, reading books and courses, watching videos……just implement what works.
Imagine not needing to learn tedious ‘tech stuff’ – get access to my converting landing pages, optins and funnel - it’s all done for you.
Once you’re inside my exclusive membership club, you’ll no longer be wasting time and money chasing every new strategy, tactic and system.
You’ll know INSTANTLY what works and what doesn’t... because I’ll be there to lead the way.

SociMasters Affiliate Mastery Membership Club is like having your very own, personal affiliate marketing business advisor, working for you, advising you on exactly what works right now to make you affiliate commissions.

You’ll be kept in the loop with every aspect of affiliate marketing, from ideal products to promote, to traffic generation and list building ...in fact, whatever is working right now and making money. 
Here’s What You’ll Get Inside 
SociMasters Affiliate Mastery Membership Club
Comprehensive 3 phase training that, when completed, implements the full framework for a 6 figure affiliate business.
I have divided the training into 3 phases so, even if you’re a complete newbie, you’ll never become overloaded with information and become overwhelmed.
3 step-by-step copy & paste case studies that show you exactly how I generated 4 figures in just 4-5 days.
These come with complete done-for-you package of landing pages, thank you pages and integration with autoresponder optins etc. so even a child can set up this up without fuss.

Why spend hours of work designing forms, pages and graphics? Just copy and paste my templates. After all, they’re proven to work ;-)
Everything you need to build a successful affiliate business in one place.
From what products to promote, what traffic sources to use that are proven to convert, how to build a true buyer’s list, correct selection of bonuses, to correctly monetizing your whole funnel, it’s all in here.
How to generate 4 figures on a weekly basis as an affiliate marketer for LIFE
Let’s face it, you don’t just want success now, you want long-term success. My membership club will allow you to have, at your fingertips, access to the best affiliate offers to promote, new done-for-you funnels, landing pages etc. on an ongoing basis.

In other words, as soon as something is a success for me, you’ll be able to copy me and replicate my success… now you can sit back and let me by your eyes and ears in the affiliate marketing world ;-)
Don’t take my word for it...
Here’s what other respected affiliate marketers are saying about SociMasters Affiliate Mastery Membership Club:
I’m giving you the chance to join
my closed door private members club
which shows you how to go from zero to $1,500-2,500 PER WEEK
Let’s be honest, you could pass on this offer today and continue trying to make different strategies and tactics work, buying one shiny object after another, throwing as much mud onto the walls as you can and trying to make some of it stick.

OR I can show you exactly how I’m making $1,500 to $2,000 every single week, so you can just copy me and print out the same results...

How simple is that?

You’re going to love SociMasters Affiliate Mastery Membership Club but, not only will you finally have a proven affiliate marketing blueprint, plus copy & paste affiliate offers and sales funnels, when you join me today you'll also Get FREE Access to This Fantastic Bonus … 
SociMasters “Build a Business That Matters” Mastermind Group
One of the main reasons people fail to make a job-replacing income with affiliate marketing is because they get stuck… 

At some point, they will have questions, they’ll have ideas they want to bounce around, they’ll want a second opinion, or they’ll just need someone to motivate them and cheer them on to action… but there’s no one around. 

Trust me, I know how you feel (I’ve been there too).

Which is why we set up SociMasters “Build a Business That Matters” Mastermind Group, an invite-only Facebook group, where you can ask questions when you get stuck, get practical answers, and never feel alone again. 

Imagine being able to ask advice on any issues you have, bounce around ideas, or get a second opinion – I’ll be there to share my knowledge, and support you each step of the way, by answering all your burning questions.  

Never lose motivation or feel stuck – you’ll always have someone to talk to and cheer you on.
Basically, Right Now You Have Only 2 Choices:
Choice 1
You can carry on for years (like I did) going through all that trial and error and making time-consuming (and money wasting) mistakes, finding out what works (and what was yet another piece of stagnant, old advice)

You never know, you may be lucky, and you might just manage to figure out yourself how to build a 6 figure online business...

Or, there’s the smarter choice; a way to seriously shortcut your learning, as well as eliminate confusion and overwhelm. 
Choice 2
The smart thing to do is join my membership club now.
So, The Big Question, How Much?
What would it be worth to you to be completely free of confusion and overwhelm, free of procrastination and ‘shiny object syndrome’ and actually start seeing real success online?

What would it be worth to you to have case studies, complete with done-for-you funnels, and the ability to copy a 6 figure marketer who will report back to you exactly what’s making a ton of affiliate commissions right now? $1,000? $2,000? More? 

Of course I’m won’t charge anything like that.

I had originally decided to charge $97 per month to join my club… I genuinely think that would be great value.

But I decided that I needed to help as many people as possible, and when I started out, there was no way I could afford $97/month. 
So, Today You Can Join The SociMasters
Affiliate Mastery Membership Club For Only:
Join today, and all you’ll pay, to copy a 6 figure marketer for a whole year, is $197… That works out at just $3.79 a week (less than a cup of coffee per week at Starbucks).

You’ve got to agree, that’s an incredibly low cost for such a high value investment. 
What's the catch?
Why am I giving you access to my membership club for less than a weekly cup of Starbucks coffee?

Well, for one simple reason. Anyone who knows me will know I always do my utmost to help out others. I genuinely want to help anyone who was ‘stuck’ just like I was.

My membership club aims to make you a successful affiliate marketer, and making figures a week a reality for anyone who joins and takes action, with all my advice and support.

But of course, I am a marketer, after all. I want to create a raving fan club of marketers who are all making 4 figures a week from affiliate marketing, so that you will all go out and shout from the rooftops how amazing I am…. :)

… which will lead to other struggling marketers wanting to join my club and seek out my help and support.

It’s a win-win scenario. My online business is a long term project, and I want to do whatever it takes to bring you with me on this exciting journey. Offering access to my Membership Club at this crazy low price is my way of doing just that. 
If you’re SERIOUS about making the kind of money you wish and deserve, then you should seriously join my elite membership club today
Once I close down this offer I won't release it again… I'm doing this because I want to make sure I only work with true action takers, like you.

I don’t want a load of work shy bums joining my club. I am going to be your eyes and ears in the affiliate marketing world, divulging what’s working right now (and what isn’t)…

I don’t want to be going to all this trouble of recording my every single money-making move for people who are too lazy to just copy and implement... 

People like this will only bog me down, sap my energy, and take away my focus. I only want hungry, aggressive action takers who are serious about building a lifelong 6 figure affiliate business empire.

This really is a complete no brainer offer. But, just to make sure I remove any lingering doubts you might have, I'm going to remove ALL the risk...

You're totally protected by my 14 day money-back guarantee:
14 Day, 100% No-Questions-Asked “Cannot Lose” Guarantee Access Now and Risk $0.00
If, for any reason during the first 14 days, you decide SociMasters Affiliate Mastery Membership Club is not for you, get in touch with me and you will get a fast, courteous and FULL refund.

No strings attached. No hard feelings. No risk whatsoever – You either get results with my Membership Club or you get your money back.

If you’re serious about finally ‘cracking’ affiliate marketing, and making 6 figures a year online, then you should seriously join my elite membership club today. 
By Now, You Can Appreciate The 
Genuine Value-For-Money You'll Enjoy...
That’s A Real Value of At Least $5985 Value For Just $197
If you don’t take action, you'll be stuck exactly where you are now, buying ever more products and courses……… hitting stumbling block after stumbling block, with no one to guide you, advise you and motivate you. 

There are more products out there than ever before, vying for your attention (and money) so things will only get worse….

In fact, the only way you can lose is by doing nothing. Remember, I am only able to make this offer because I’m so confident that you can easily replicate my success.
To Take Advantage of My Exclusive Membership
Club Invite, Click The Buy Button Now...
Don’t miss this opportunity to finally access the only portal you will ever need to make $1,500 - $2,000 per week in affiliate commissions...

Not just now, or next month, but for as long as you are a member.

Imagine being able to copy and paste what a 6 figure marketer has done just last month that made them a ton of affiliate commissions, steal their funnel, AND have support and guidance from them, each step of the way........that’s what happens when you join the SociMasters Affiliate Mastery Membership Club! 
Remember, You May Never See This Offer Again.
Click the Buy Button Now...
To your success,
Ivana Bosnjak (along with partners Alicia Lyttle, Lorette Lyttle and Mitali Deypurkaystha)

P.S. This is a limited offer. I CANNOT keep access to my membership club open forever. I have a limit of 150 places as I cannot give my members the attention they deserve if I open it up to more people. Join me as I show you exactly how I pulled in $2953.83 in 4 days by clicking the Buy button above.

P.P.S. Just a reminder, you could skip over this invite, but then you'll stay right where you are now, emptying your pockets by buying course after course, getting excited until you hit a roadblock, and then give up because you have no way of knowing which affiliate products will generate you profits, or which traffic streams convert the best right now. Let me finally help you get rid of ‘shiny object syndrome’ and get you on your way to 6 figures today.
Remember, You May Never See This Offer Again.
Click the Buy Button Now...
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