Revolution Against Faceless Corporations
Dear Friend, JV Partner and Affiliate
Let’s change things up…. we all want to make a load of money, right? 

But what if you could earn that, AND make a significant difference to the world:  Are you in?

Let us explain:

We've Discovered Strategies That Can Transform 
Regular People Into Ultra-Successful ‘Social Entrepreneurs’ 
Which Will Make YOU A Boatload Of Commissions
We’re aiming high here, and we believe in what we do…

But we can’t do this without YOU, and that’s why you’re here…

We need every friend and JV partner to help us create a groundbreaking SociMasters movement.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a super affiliate, or a newcomer….

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve heavily promoted us before, or this is your first time…
We Need You!
Why? Recently one of us (Lorette) decided to visit a local pizza restaurant she had visited a number of times before, because they baked the perfect pizza… This is what she found:
Lorette was upset. She loved Soprano’s Pizzas. Sadly, this is happening EVERYWHERE.

I’m sure you’ve noticed it in your neighborhood, whether you’re in the States, in the UK, Australia, in Europe, or Asia…

Local businesses are finding it tough competing against big chains. Why? Because they don’t have the big, bottomless advertising pockets that large corporations have…

(Lorette found out that Sopranos closed down because they couldn’t compete against nearby Pizza Hut and Papa Johns).

Local businesses need a ‘Local Hero’… And that’s where YOU come in:
Listen Up – That’s Why You’re Here
As part of SociMasters, we want to create an army of “social entrepreneurs” that help local businesses in their area fight back against these big corporations…

We dream of a SociMasters social entrepreneur in every neighborhood, city and country in the world!

But there’s no way our dream can come true without YOUR help.
Join The SociMasters 
"Revolution Against Faceless Corporation"

We want to create a huge movement that says "Enough is enough - we want our neighborhoods back."

We want to let small business owners everywhere know…

They’re NOT alone!

The plan? It’s an ambitious scheme we're calling “The SociMasters Revolution Against Faceless Corporations"...
Where we create an army of social entrepreneurs, who will go into their local communities, help local businesses fight back, and win against big, soulless corporations, but…
Talk Is Cheap… in case you're thinking...
 "Yeah but who's actually joining the SociMasters girls in their Revolution?"
Here’s Just Some Of Our
Awesome JV Superstars Who Are On Board…
So Why Are They Joining Our Revolution?
Making a real difference
So Let’s Talk About Money First
Every single one of us are in this game to make money… 
not just some money, but a TON of it… Here's Why:

Let’s Talk About The Number 2 Reason
JVs & Affiliates Are Joining The SociMasters Revolution... 
In this game, we all like talking about how much money we’re making… but deep down, there’s something we need more …

Deep down, we need to feel appreciated! We love it when someone reaches out to us, and recognizes the impact we’ve made in their lives. 

It’s a fact…the SociMasters girls wouldn’t be here without YOU, our awesome JV’s and affiliates.

We love you from the bottom of our hearts, we never allow ourselves to forget the impact you make in our lives, and we make sure we give you the recognition you deserve:
This is just a few our JV partners & affiliates we’ve honored…
Giving them the respect and recognition they deserve.
AND....At The End Of 2019
We Will Crown Our Top TWO JV Partners...
And remember, we’re not just about rewarding the heavy hitters… We love recognizing our new JV’s and affiliates too. 

In fact, you can actually ‘ride the coattails’ of the ‘big boys’ and let them create a ton of buzz… This ‘buzz’ will spill over to places like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, forums and search engines… And that’s where you come in ;-)

You can cash in big by tapping into the buzz and siphoning off clicks and sales…

Just do what the big boys do, and you’ll be sure to win.

Join our Revolution Against Faceless Corporations and, with just a few sales, you can bag one of these prestigious awards:
Let’s Not Forget The Number 3 Reason Everyone Is Joining The SociMasters Revolution:
MANY of these small businesses provide fantastic goods and services to their local communities, with exceptional customer service… and STILL face closure...why?

Because every day they fight a constant uphill struggle against large corporations with deep pockets, who can outgun them when it comes to marketing fire power.

Our awesome courses and tools show regular people how to build a lucrative social media agency from home, helping people ditch their 9-5 ‘prison’…

But, more importantly, these people become Local Business Heroes, who go out into their local communities, and help small businesses fight back against big chains… and win!

I’m sure you’ve seen the trend in your own home town or city…

The individual character and originality of your neighborhood being eroded away, until it looks like ‘every other neighborhood’…

Big corporations playacting at being ‘all about the community’ when all they really care about is shareholders.

And, not only are corporations bleeding the soul out of local towns and cities, they’re also draining out all the money…

One Chicago study found that for every $100 spent at a local business, $68 remained in the city, while only $43 of each $100 spent at a chain retailer.

Do YOU want to see your hometown look like every other town in your country, full of generic big businesses and chains?

Or do you want your hometown to retain the individuality, personality, and warmth that only independent small businesses can provide?

When you promote SociMasters, you promote proven, evergreen courses and tools that not only change the lives of your customers and subscribers…

You create “social entrepreneurs” who will go and fight the good fight on behalf of small businesses in their local communities…

See? You CAN make a boatload of commissions AND make a difference in the world! ;-)
Now That You Know Exactly What’s Going On, Let’s Talk About The Game Plan
In order to achieve our mission, to create a revolution against big corporations, and help small businesses fight back…

We need a coordinated effort, and we all have to pull our weight.

We have to attack as one, as a cohesive military unit, so…
It’s Time For Revolution!
Get your email lists, your Facebook groups, your YouTube subscribers and your Twitter followers on standby… Mobilize your army, ready to do battle...
I Have Your Backs And You Can Count On Me 100%  
To Join You In Your "Revolution Against Faceless Corporations...
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